Vision Impact Liberia

teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Liberia with a Liberian cultural perspective, not the Western perspective. Our ministry programs are developed by a Liberian director, Pastor Eric Sumo, and other Liberians he has mentored. Since many Liberians have minimal or no education, Pastor Eric presents the gospel in English using terminology and examples understood by their culture.
Since 2007, Village Ministries (now Vision Impact Liberia) has brought pastors together for training in the Word and personal development with some of the scriptural teaching done by pastors from North America and Pastor Eric. This training includes what the Bible teaches about how important living a godly life with integrity is to ministry. Two teaching and training conferences were also provided for pastor’s wives.
In 2014 the foundation of a brick Bible School was begun with funds from Newman Academy and it is being built on property owned by Vision Impact Liberia.

And this is also true when Vision Impact Liberia trains the nationals in the Word of God, so they will know the heart of God for “the whole world” of John 3:16, and for every Liberian.

Since Liberia is one of the poorest countries of the world and least educated, it is more profitable for these people to “be faithful men who will be able to teach others” ( II Timothy 2:2 ) in their own country and within their own culturally relevant terms.

Also in 2014 a conference for Christian women from villages of several counties was held with this theme. In Liberia, women have great influence and we believed the investment in their lives with this conference was God’s plan for us to make.
A little bit of Heaven? What a JOY to be with 625 Christian Liberian women from six different counties, most of whom had never met, and hear them praise the Lord in such beautiful harmony faces beaming. They have come from great distances, walking several hours per day to hear truths from God’s word and teaching on women’s health.
The Holy Spirit speaks to us of new ways to evangelize in the country of Liberia. One of these ways is to train Christian women to use their far-reaching influence to bring others to Christ. How exciting to hold a four day training conference on health and teaching of scriptural principles for these women and release them to teach a thousand more in places Village Ministries may never get to. They caught the vision and individuals have already been teaching groups of women from other villages. This is so exciting!!
Your words were found, and I ate them; and Your Word
was unto me the joy and gladness of my heart

Jeremiah 15:16