Healing lives in a hurting nation
In Liberia, everyone is hurting in one way or another. More than 3/4 of the 3.5 million people are still living on less than a dollar a day, with barely enough food to stay alive, no money for medical treatment, at risk of Malaria, Hepatitis and Typhoid on a daily basis, risking death from childbirth and dirty water. Hundreds of thousands of children are unable to attend school due to lack of fees; unemployment is still at 80% spawning on-going corruption and violence.
Our message of hope through God’s love is like a drink of cool, clean water on a hot and dusty Liberian day. With the opportunity to give free education and employment, safe drinking water for a village and support for weary pastors, Village Ministries (now Vision Impact Liberia) has been proclaiming the mercy and grace of God to the hearts of Liberians for over 10 years. Vision Impact Liberia is non-denominational and serves with a holistic view, integrating evangelism, social concern and physical needs such as safe drinking water.
In March and April 2013 three wells were put down in interior Muslim villages and by March 2014 wells #10, # 11 and #12 were put down in three more Muslim villages opening the doors for three more churches to be built for Christian worship services. Unfortunately after Pastor Charles Varney from Kenema offered to be a visiting pastor in one of these villages where we built a church, he was killed by poisoning at the hands of a Muslim villager. This event reminds us that we are in Satan’s territory and this type of ministry activity needs serious and constant prayer coverage from Christians who are supporting us in prayer. Liberia is a spiritual battle ground even for putting down a well.
Funding for all 12 of our wells has come from Canada and the USA. Pastor Eric takes time in prayer to hear direction from God where He wants our wells to be offered as God has already prepared hearts to receive Him. In spite of differences in belief, there was great appreciation and respect from the Muslim villagers for the love, compassion, and hard work given by Vision Impact Liberia on behalf of these Muslims suffering in poverty and without Christ. To the Muslim villagers, that gushing and beautiful water was like a banquet saving lives and motivating their invitation for us to return and hold an outreach with the Jesus Film.

One chief even offered a building space with a cement foundation where we could build a Christian church. Unfortunately we were unable to use this opportunity to build a church because of a lack of finances. Yet we have noticed great strides in this ministry since we began in 2006 and without hesitation we give God glory for all He has done and for His favour and grace upon us. God delights to partner with His children who give Him glory and maintain a surrendered, intimate relationship with Him.

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