An Outreach is either a one or two week project, depending upon the donations we have received. The first night and for several more nights we set up and show the Jesus Film with an invitation for Muslims to receive Christ afterwards and a time of testimony. Other Christian films about the Old Testament characters are usually also shown. During the day we walk to other villages and huts to chat with the people inviting them to the films.
A second Outreach approach takes the form of a follow-up to a Muslim village that has received a well from Vision Impact Liberia, where a relationship has been established. More recently relationships have been developed where Vision Impact has made connections through helping with the Ebola prevention teaching, giving hand washing supplies or bags of rice to the villagers under quarantine. Because of this we are not entirely strangers, and the process of showing the Jesus Film, returning to build a church and hold Christian services is a great possibility. God has graciously prepared the way for us to make disciples of villagers who can make other disciples.

For Vision Impact Liberia it means leaving the city of Monrovia, travelling very rough, dirt roads by vehicle from 3-13 hours and then often walking on narrow paths, carrying everything we need to get to villages that are scattered throughout the interior jungle and bush of Liberia. Sometimes it means we have to make a raft to cross a river or take a local canoe. This sojourn is often preceded by the advance team who go to talk with the elders of villages to get permission to come and also  to arrange a place to sleep for the team that will follow.

It is also a time to hold a 3 day mini conference for Christian Pastors and church leaders from all around the region where they can share a daily meal, which we must provide, take in some teaching from the Word and share testimonials. Sundays are for a worship service for all Christians in the area and Pastor Eric is the presenter.  Pastor Eric also ensures new believers meet local pastors who will invite them into their church and ensure the opportunity to be baptised and mentored.  Over 15,000 have viewed the Jesus Film through this method and thousands have accepted Christ.
….and so we go, by jet, jeep, dugout canoes; through river and jungle, across borders and cultures, into villages and shanty town slums, raising up churches and going into homes and into people’s lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.